Sunday, December 1, 2013

Glendalough - Wicklow Mountains National Park

So I've arrived & have been absolutely loving every second of life here so far, more on that later. To get back into posting I figured I'd just show you the Wicklow Mountains! South of Dublin, about an hour or so, lies these gorgeous hills. Well, being a Canadian we would call them hills at least. The working holiday program organized a trip for us Canadians, Americans & Germans & I have to say the hike has been my favourite part of the past two weeks. I'll let the photos speak for themselves though!

Yes, this crazy f!@#er is swimming.

We actually were drinking this water, incredibly good.



  1. Beautiful photos, looks like a really nice place :)

  2. Back when I lived in Dublin, I always brought visitors to Glendalough, it's such a beautiful spot :)