Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Irish Bucket List (Top 10)

I officially leave Sunday for Dublin & I figured it'd be fun to create a list of a few things I plan on doing during my time there. Now I've already been to Ireland before so a lot of the popular choices for an Irish bucket list won't be on here, as I've already done them. Of course, I'll probably be doing them all again, but these are the activities I really want to make happen! Onto my top 10...

1. Giant's Causeway
Surprisingly we never made it to the Giant's Causeway on our road trip, so I'm definitely excited to see this landmass, which was a result of a volcanic eruption some 60 million years ago, located in Northeast Ireland.

2. Belfast (Black Taxi Tour)
I think this can be considered a more thought provoking tour than most, which is exactly why I can't wait to take one. The tour is said to provide a better understand of politics & unrest in Belfast, a subject I'm greatly interested in! This tour needs to be on everyone's list if it isn't already.

3. Surfing in Northern Ireland
I've always wanted to learn how to surf, so why not do it in Ireland? Some of the places I'm interested in going to include: Portrush, Sligo & Waterford, where the family I'll be au pairing for has a Summer home.

4. Trinity College
I've been to Dublin & never to Trinity College... I know, ridiculous right? I'm particularly excited to see these beautiful grounds as I'm seriously considering finishing my schooling in Ireland & this may be a contender!

5. French classes (Alliance Française Dublin)
I took lessons in Paris at Alliance Française & really enjoyed the experience, so I'm for sure enrolling in Dublin! It'll be a great way to practice & not lose my French, as well as to meet new people... & also it'll be perfect because I have my evenings completely free.

6. Makeup classes (Portobello Institute)
Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight obsession with makeup & would love to improve my SFX skills... Currently my favourite look to re-create is a zombie, naturally. Portobello Institute has night classes at quite a reasonable price & a great reputation.

A recent Halloween creation...

7. The Burren
One of the largest karst landscapes in Europe is of course on the list, located in Northwest County Clare.

8. Old Midleton Distillery
What would my list be without an alcohol-based tour... Anything involving whiskey, count me in. While we were in Cork last time we didn't have time to complete this tour in Midleton, so can't wait this time 'round.

9. Rugby game
Any explanation needed? Beefy men playing rough on a field, count me in.

10. Galway Arts Festival
I've always loved the arts & make it my mission to involve it in all of my trips, wherever they might be. I play the saxophone & have a strong affliction for painting & pastel work, so I can't wait to hear & see the Irish music & arts scene. The Galway Arts Festival is one of the leading in the country, happening annually every early July.

 One of my own pastels, because I had to.

*BONUS 11. Meet Irish man, obtain citizenship
Is this really too much to ask
?! I can dream right.

What are some of your must-sees/dos in Ireland?! I'd love to hear so I can expand my list further! 


  1. Great bucket list! I really would like to go to Ireland sometime soon, I've never been only seen many pretty pictures :)

  2. I am going to Ireland in December and can't wait! I have been to Northern Ireland and have done the black cab tour - fantastic. Enjoy!

  3. My husband took his English classes at Alliance Française Dublin (he's French), he really liked it there :)
    And I can't stop laughing at your beefy men Rugby comment followed by a pic of the Woman's team!!! HA!!! Anyway, be sure and check out some matches, the Irish squad is one of the best in Europe and for local, the atmosphere at Leinster and Munster matches cannot be beat :)

    1. Awesome, so good to hear thank you! :)
      & ahahaha what can I say... My bad. I definitely will, thanks for stopping by! x

  4. I couldn't help but have a little chuckle when you mention beefy men and then the photo is of beefy women. Haha..
    I have done many of these things on this list! You have chosen well. I would love to try surfing in Ireland. It looks sooo intense and crazy!

    1. Ahahaha I didn't even realize it either until the comments! Whoops.
      That's great, I can't wait! & I know! It just may be the death of me haha. x

  5. Gah Ireland is the best.

    I would also add
    - learn to make beef & Guinness pie
    - night at Johnnie Fox's pub in Wicklow Co.
    - explore the Irish countryside, like Killarney National Park and Glendalough
    - fishing in Dingle

    And be sure to try Green Spot whisky by Jameson, it's fantastic.

    1. Nooom the beef & Guinness pie sounds delicious.
      I'll definitely add that pub to my list! I've been to Killarney National Park & Glendalough, but will for sure be going again. Love fishing too!
      Thank you for the recs :D x

  6. Irealand will be a whole lot of fun. Driving around the Burren earlier this year was a great experience as was the giants causeway and the rest of the country.

    However those beefy men look far more like beefy women to me :)

    1. So good to hear I'm stoked! I'll definitely be using some of your posts for reference :)
      Hahaha I know I know, may've slipped on that one ;) x