Monday, December 30, 2013

13 in 2013...


1. Spent New Year's with a pretty bad concussion, barely able to pin my hair back because of the gash in my forehead/scalp.

2. Applied to the Royal Military College of Canada to finish my schooling in Engineering... Only to be told I could not be accepted this year because of my head injury.

3. Made plans to move to Kelowna & attend the University of British Columbia instead.

4. Adopted a Tamaskan, who we named Bourbon... & who played a huge part in my happiness this year. I will forever be grateful for him.

5. Spent a much-needed weekend getaway in Quebec at my Aunt's cottage in Mont Tremblant... For my 21st birthday.

6. Had a total of four jobs, only two of which I actually enjoyed, the last one thankfully being my current job!

7. Fell in & not so out of love, with a best friend.

8. Had an incredible Summer with both old & new friends... No, make that year.

9. Celebrated my favourite holiday by becoming a zombie nurse, two-face & Odlaw (Waldo's evil twin)... Taking Halloween entirely too seriously. If that's at all possible?!

10. Went through the ridiculous yet rewarding journey of moving to Dublin... & vowed to stop ignoring my passion of travelling & instead focus on my happiness.

11. Said see you soon (not goodbye) to amazing people & hello to new ones!

12. Had my first American Thanksgiving & pub crawl, among many other firsts.

13. Perfected the art of instant mash at xmas. This being quite serious for someone who lives off Kraft Dinner.

A somewhat serious, somewhat silly take on my 2013... & my resolutions?
  • Go dairy-free & exercise at least once a week... I have only one body & it's going to have to carry me through a hell of a lot in life, so I'm determined to start taking better care of it. Plus, let's get real, I figure once a week workouts are much more realistic than daily.
  • Visit 14 countries... & the friends in those countries. Also, stay in touch with friends back home!
  • Take time out of busy life for things that will help me grow... Yoga, painting, playing the saxophone, reading & writing to name a few. Focus on finding what will genuinely continue to make me happy in a career. Also, be okay if I don't decide on a career by the end of the year.

What are your favourite moments from 2013? Or even your New Year's resolutions? Ones you plan to keep (or not!) haha.

Wishing you all the best of luck in 2014!


  1. Animals have always made the difference in my life.
    All the best to you. x