Sunday, February 2, 2014

5 Pubs of Dublin

First off, I just have to say that I couldn't actually narrow it down to 5... So there will be honourable mentions at the end ha. Also, I've been in Dublin for just about three months now! & the amount of pubs I've visited is around the 50 mark, to be fair though, everything in Dublin seems to revolve around pubs. Even when not drinking, meals are spent here. Pubs are meeting points, can always be counted on for delicious food & of course, a good time usually follows. Not to mention, pub crawls. It's safe to say I genuinely love pub culture here & no I am not an alcoholic to clear that up right off the bat. So my top five?

Obama was just necessary.

32 Dame St., Dublin
Three floors, different bands & musicians play on each floor throughout the week. Mostly folk, indie & rock. Few cheap beers on tap as well which is always a plus! Can be quit crowded on weekends but is chill during the week for a relaxing pint... Also, great people!

12 Pubs of Xmas

Twisted Pepper
54 Middle Abbey St., Dublin 1
Brilliant coffee & vintage shopping by day, craft beers & cocktails at night. The upstairs smoking area is known to be a favourite for many. On the main floor there's usually gigs going on & in the basement there can be anything from reggae to electronic nights. They've had some pretty solid DJs come in from around the world. The Pepper is definitely worth a visit if you want to dance.

Get on your dancing shoes.

The Bernard Shaw
11-12 Richmond St. South, Dublin 2
Probably my all-time favourite pub for a relaxing night, chatting with friends. The street art outside is incredible & inside is home to one of the best beer gardens in Dublin. Absolute favourite part of the Bernard though is the pizza bus out back (in the beer garden), where you can eat on the top floor & smoke hookahs. Always a good crowd & they have DJs come in as well. This has been pegged as quite a hipster place, but the people inside are far from pretentious. 

The Bernard Shaw

Street art outside.

Workman's Club
10 Wellington Quay, Jamestown, Dublin
Spent New Year's Eve here for 2014 when The Hot Sprockets played & had a wicked time. Been on less busy nights as well & it's just as great. It's sort of like one huge house party, set in a cool apartment type with different rooms & DJs, bands & musicians playing in each. The outdoor terrace is also a plus for smokers as it's quite spacious, heated as well. Sort of bohemian-esque, always a decent crowd. It's also joined alongside Bison Bar, a solid whiskey bar with quite an impressing menu. I'd recommend doing the tasting if they're offering it at the time, as they can be funny with when they'll do it.

NYE '14

The Wool Shed
The Parnell Centre, Parnell St. Dublin 1
An Australian pub, always a riot to be had here & more of a sports pub. Great for watching any type of sporting event as there's always a good crowd & there are even bleachers inside the pub. Also, wicked pub food! I'd go here during the day for a catch up with friends or evening for a more lively time. Music is always decent, last time I went they were playing a selection from the 80s which is always okay with me. Being Canadian I feel quite at home here for some reason, maybe it's because there's no Canadian pubs in Dublin.

Yep, Dallas Green. I died slightly.

Other haunts... Whelan's for laid-back gigs & just a guaranteed good night, Gypsy Rose for some of the most down to earth bartenders & regulars (alternative/rock in the basement, solid for dancing), The Long Stone for a classic Irish pub & all three, Fibber's, The Living Room & Murray's, as they're all connected in the back by a beer garden. Lastly, for proper clubbing I'd go with Grand Social or The Button Factory.

I'd love to know if any of you have favourite pubs in Dublin?! Or even whichever city you're all in... & of course, cheers!


  1. Two of my best friends are from Dublin and they told me about the 12 pubs of Christmas. I hope I get to experience it with them one day!

    1. Ah I hope you do too you'd absolutely love it! :) x

  2. I had my work leaving party at the Woolshed!