Saturday, October 5, 2013

The County in Fall... (Photo Edition)

I decided to take some of my own advice for once & be a tourist in my own area, whilst I wait for my move abroad. I mentioned this in my post on how not to go crazy during the wait for travel, but often I forget to take these little day trips myself & usually tend to focus on the bigger picture, forgetting about the little things around me.

But on to the photos! One of my friends & I have recently taken a few day trips around the 'county' as we call it, which actually happens to be quite a popular area for tourists during the Summer. Living here I often forget how gorgeous it can be. I s'pose I should probably mention that this area is Picton & Wellington, better known for its vineyards (Ontario's Taste Trail) & beaches (Sandbanks Provincial Park & North Beach in particular). Being my favourite season, I felt the need to document everything of course. My favourite photos from our trips...

Campbell's Orchard

Apple picking with my girl.

This orchard is seriously gorgeous.

& another... One of my favourite fall festivities.

Typical selfy, because there's a corn maze behind me of course.

Still at Campbell's Orchard.
Sandbanks Vineyard (along the Taste Trail)

Wellington Beach

Along the beach... Wellington is quite a rocky beach whereas at Sandbanks you'll find it to be more sandy (never would've guessed eh?!) as well as you'll also find the dunes there.

Seaweed? Quite fond of this photo, not sure why.

The lighthouse in Wellington, a town of approximately 1200.

The boat harbour in Picton.

If ever in the area, PLEASE stop at Slicker's, a cute little ice cream shop in Bloomfield who specialize in their own homemade ice cream. My favourite flavour is campfire!

Because bridges are always necessary.

As are Ed the Sock Monkey sweaters... Had to add this.

I'm almost positive there will be more fall photos to come, having a slight obsession with the season & all. But as always if you aren't sick of my photos yet you can pop on over to my Instagram for plenty more! & I'd love to hear your thoughts, see your photos?! Do you ever pretend to be a tourist in your own area? What are your favourite fall festivities! Or am I the only one who acts like a 13 year old this time of year?

Until next time! & remember...



  1. I'm constantly forget I AM a tourist in my area since I'm British and living in Montreal (been here too long I guess!), but always try to check out a few of the countless festivals that happen all year round here. I LOVE apple-picking! It's the best autumn activity!

    1. Aw I love Montreal, lucky you! I know it is pretty easy to forget, I know whenever I've lived in a new place for more than a few months I feel as though I'm no longer a tourist, even though I definitely am! & me too :D x

  2. Ontario is so pretty during the fall! Plus there are so so many cute little towns to explore. I moved here from Winnipeg last year for school, and I've tried to see some stuff outside where I'm living as much as possible!

    1. I agree! :) Ooh awesome! I moved here from out West & I have to admit I still miss the West, I'll end up there one day. For now though I think I'm content with Ontario in the Fall :) x

  3. This is an awesome thing to do, enjoy where you are no matter where it is!
    Also, how gorgeous is your hair?! Ugh... makes me dislike you a little bit.

    Just kidding ;)

    Kate | Diaries of an Essex Girl

    1. Yes exactly! :) Hahaha oh well thank you! ;) I wish I was actually a natural redhead though, quite depressing haha :( x

  4. Apple picking! That ice cream looks delicious

  5. Great post, and love the selfie of you against the corn field. It's so true, the whole 'tourist in your own backyard' thing! Funny thing for me is that lately I've been moving around so much that I've had plenty of travel, and just in my neighborhoods.

    EWM /

    1. Aw well thank you! & yes half the time you don't even realize you're travelling! x

  6. These photos are all so beautiful and the colors so bright, love them!

  7. Essence of fall right here! Looks like so much fun!

  8. These pictures bring back some great memories from my childhood when I used to sneak out of my room and went to my grandmother's garden. It was a lovely place to chill out and have some nice apples. I miss these days a lot. I'm so jealous - China's so hot nowadays and I miss European spring and autumn. Lovely photos (love your jeans as well:D).

  9. I really like the Campbells orchard still, love how blue the sky looks!