Monday, October 28, 2013

6 Photos: Eiffel Tower

As I was looking through old photos, I decided on 6 of my favourite photos I took in different seasons, from different places, of the Eiffel Tower. Now I probably have over 100 photos from different days of this landmark, but these are just some favourites. To be honest... I kind of think the Eiffel Tower is overrated, but let's just pretend I didn't say that. I kind of think of it like my guilty pleasure. Here's the photos though!

In the Spring, when construction was going on, from Quai Branly.

From Place de la Concorde during a protest that was going on, in the Fall.

Spring/Summer from Av. Gustave Eiffel.

Summer while picnicing in the Champ de Mars park.

From the typical tourist location of Trocadéro, in the Winter.

On the Pont d'Léna bridge when friends came to visit in the Spring.
What are some of your cheesy, possibly overrated, touristy locations/landmarks?!


  1. So beautiful!! I've never been to France but would love to go!

    1. When you go one day make sure to visit Southern France, it's the best part of the country! :D x

  2. I have a few of these for the Eiffel Tower too, but not for every season. What an awesome idea!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  3. Ooo I just love that 2nd last one. Such great colours and emotion!