Monday, August 26, 2013

Before the Adventure!

With my upcoming move to Ireland, you could say I'm overwhelmed to say the least... & somehow when I moved to France 3 years ago I don't ever quite remember feeling this stressed. I s'pose it's because this time I really have no idea if I'll ever be returning to Canada! So I figured I would try to just create a quick (hopefully!) checklist of all the things I need to do & most likely a few of them will apply to others, possibly even helping?! These can of course apply to moves, round the world trips & even just short vacations. Anyway, my list...

Oktoberfest in Canada
1. Passport, Visa, Driver's License, etc.
I'd suggest making sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport after the date you plan on returning home. I actually have a friend who's living in Australia (back in Canada at the moment though!) who planned a trip to Bali with a couple of her friends. Needless to say one of them's passport was to expire in 3 or 4 months & even though their trip was only a week long, they refused her entry into the country... Enough said!

Also with visas, be sure that you have all the requirements before applying, such as support funds, etc. Coming from personal experience, leaving it all to the last minute will have you ripping your hair out before you've even left! & depending on your trip you may not even need a visa, in which case, I hate you. Haha, but no in all honesty, I may do a post on my Au Pair Visa that I obtained in France & I'll definitely do a Youth Mobility Scheme post as well!

Driver's licenses, health cards, etc. are pretty self-explanatory! & be sure to make photocopies, send an e-mail with these copies & even keep them on a usb incase anything should happen during your trip.

2. The Dreaded Appointments
Visit your doctor for a physical & stock up on meds for the duration of your trip or until you can get health insurance sorted in your new home country. Research any vaccinations required & get those as well. Lastly, visit your eye doctor, dentist, dermatologist, gyno & whoever else you may be going to to make sure everything's in line before you leave.

3. Banks, Bills, etc.
Call your credit company, let them know when & where you're going! Call your bank as well if you plan on using your account, or of course there's the option of closing it. If you aren't planning on closing your account & have pre-authorized bill payments that will be coming out, make sure you have enough money in your account! NSF fees can kill you, almost literally.

4. Belongings
Sell EVERYTHING. Yes, I am going to quote Fight Club, but... 'The things you used to own, now they own you.' Kijiji, Craigslist, Facebook Yard Sale, eBay, there is no excuse to be owning the amount of things that we do in this society. Even have a garage sale! If you really feel the need to, or are returning after a short time (a few months to a year or two), put some items in storage. It can be costly though so I do advise against it of course. Owning as little as possible will make your travels that much better, I can promise you that.

This goes with cars & homes as well... I recently sold my baby (the Speed Demon), but I have to say I have zero regrets. If you have a lease, find someone to take it over for you & if you're a homeowner & are serious about long-term travel, I'd just suggest selling. There will always be cars & homes when you return, do not forget that.

5. Quit Your Job
Leave on good terms if at all possible & give as much notice as you can (or want to)!

& just a few other quick suggestions...
❤ Plan your trip, but don't overplan.
❤ Look into travel insurance.
❤ Bring makeup, clothing items, even food that you know you will not find in your destination...
❤ Start a travel blog to document your trip. It's also a great way of keeping your friends & fam up to date!
❤ Stop stressing! Drink a glass (or bottle) of wine while you're planning, save your money, but don't make yourself miserable by not going out with friends before leaving & let go of any worries!


  1. Best of luck! I loved traveling through Ireland as it's part of my ancestry, Galway being one of my favorite towns. The Kings Head pub had a couple great guitar players playing there.

    1. Thank you! :) I loved Galway, great hostels there. Didn't get the chance to visit Kings Head but I'll definitely put it on my list. Must say I wish I had Irish heritage but needless to say it's all English & Scottish. x