Friday, August 23, 2013

15 Photos: Describing My Love of Ireland

As you know (or don't!), I'm off to Ireland once again come September... Now the last time I visited I only had a chance to visit for two weeks, but that time alone was enough for me to absolutely fall in love with the country. These are 15 of my favourites, some repeating. Also back from when I did not have an SLR, so no judging on quality please! & of course there will be plenty more to come in the upcoming year.

One word: Wexford...


The streets...

Wild sheep along the side of every road made for multiple stops along the way.

The water!

Colourful buildings make for charming towns, not surprisingly I have about 50 other photos resembling this exact one but in different locations.

The castles, everywhere & anywhere! Some available for tours & some just random in the countryside.

As I said! More green & castles...

The beaches, this was a particularily foggy day making for the most perfect weather (according to me at least!)

The graveyards... Such beautiful tombstones no matter how small the yard.
Had to add yet another castle, of course...

The Blarney Castle Grounds

One of my favourite castles yet, on the Blarney grounds.

 Just more wild sheep, this time I've taken over the shot, typical.
Guinness... Possibly my favourite beer, although I'm quite sure I gained 5 pounds along the way just purely from Guinness. Was not a meal had in which I didn't have a Guinness alongside.

I s'pose that's all for now! Most of these photos I've even forgotten where they've actually been taken because over our two weeks we basically just rented a car & drove all of Ireland (excluding Northern). But if you're really curious I'm sure I can pin down the locations! Also, I can guarantee more posts on Ireland, so hoping no-one minds.


  1. The GREEN is so evident and was my favorite part of Ireland!

    1. I agree, such a beautiful country have never seen so much green anywhere! x