Monday, September 2, 2013

The Cost of Au Pairing

Getting closer & closer to the date of my departure, I'm kind of curious (& scared) to figure out the actual cost of my decision to au pair once again, this time in Ireland. I'll compare the cost with that of when I au paired in France, but to be honest my memory is pretty horrid & it will more or less just be educated guesses. This will hopefully help some of you who are thinking about au pairing yourselves! Especially because when I googled the subject, it was incredibly difficult to find any sort of information on the topic.

Visa: $425 + $2,500 in Support Funds
Flight: Originally $600 one way, but I had to change the date so ended up being closer to $900.
Essentials: Unfortunately I destroyed my laptop, so I will be buying a new one, as well as a backpack for travelling within Europe & new travel adapters. Say $1000.
Savings: Will be bringing around $3,000 (which includes my Support Funds).
Total: $5,325

Visa: I believe it was around $200.
Flight: $700 (2-Way, family reimbursed me)
Essentials: I probably spent around $300, but on new clothing rather than actual essentials.
Savings: Maybe $500
Total: $1,000

Pretty massive different between countries, but then again the Ireland Working Holiday Visa does require Support Funds, which the Au Pair Visa for France did not. Also I will be buying practical equipment this round as well as of course bringing more in savings. I will definitely be more prepared this trip, happy to say!

Also, bare in mind that although this does seem pricey, just think of the cost of moving abroad without a job lined up, having to pay first & last month's rent right off the bat, putting down deposits on utilities, worrying about your spending until you actually can find a job, etc...

In all, au pairing is a great way to move abroad for those with less funds or with the urge to leave NOW. I will also be finding myself a weekend job to fund my travels even further, which will ultimately allow me to live on my own! Any au pairs out there?! Would love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. The price breakdown is really interesting! I wish I would have known about au pairing when I was younger. What a great way to travel!

    1. Definitely glad I discovered it! Although I do envy your journey :) x

  2. how exciting, have a great time! the experiences will be worth the cost.

  3. Does the family not help you with flight and visa? My family paid for half of my flight and all of my visa, which was maybe €90 in Germany.

    1. Ooh I forgot to add that, thanks for the reminder! My family in France paid for my flight, not my visa though... & my family in Ireland is paying for neither. I found it quite hard this time 'round finding a fam who would pay for my flight, perhaps it's just the location I chose? My 'pocket money' is significantly more in Ireland, that could be why as well! Sounds like you picked a great family. x

  4. This summer, when I was travelling in Brussels, I met one Italian girl who was doing au pairing. She explained to me how great it is when you want to see the places from locals' perspective. I loved the idea and I might do it in the near future. Looking at your spendings, I am like "WHAT THE HELL!?" It's seriously way too much and the different between Ireland and France is huge indeed. When do you start au pairing?

    1. It definitely can be costly yes! But just think, it's a guaranteed income abroad which allows you to spend up to two years in a country! I s'pose it depends on your travel goals though. I myself would like to see most of Europe in the upcoming two years so having a sort of 'home base' in Ireland will allow me to do this much more cheaply than if I were travelling back & forth from Canada! Also I'll have a steady income the entire time as opposed to saving up a large sum beforehand & then only travelling for a certain period of time.
      Anyway, in my ramblings I guess I'm trying to say au pairing is a great option if you're long-term travelling! Otherwise, in terms of short-term travel it usually isn't worth the expenses. I was originally to start in September & have since delayed until the end of October in order to get my visa sorted! :) & the difference is indeed HUGE, quite disappointing to be honest. x